Plan Your Visit

Exiled to Motown is showing at the Detroit Historical Museum!

From JULY 17 to OCTOBER 3, 2021, join us in the Community Gallery for a multimedia walk through history! The Detroit Historical Museum exhibition is accompanied by over 50 community objects that have been generously lent to Exiled to Motown for exhibition.

The displays are written in English, printed in large format, and are wheelchair accessible. For other accessibility concerns, please contact the venue directly.

The Detroit Historical Museum is located in the city of Detroit, near Wayne State University and the Detroit Institute of Arts. For more information about admission, hours, and parking, visit the Detroit Historical Museum website.

We’ve also been hosting special exhibit-related programs. For more information about these programs, please visit our Talks & Workshops page!

Future Exhibitions

Are you interested in proposing an additional venue for the Exiled to Motown exhibit? Feel free to contact us! We’re happy to work with you to put together a temporary exhibit at your local library, cultural center, etc. We are also interested in putting on pop-up showings for classrooms and festivals. Let’s talk!

Past Exhibitions